Safer Together

How we win meaningful consultation


Together claim demand for better consultation 

Together is seeking meaningful consultation with public service employers on their response to the pandemic and how we can keep our workplaces, our families and our communities safe.

Together is campaign for a roadmap for how the public service will respond to the surge we expect in 2022 which is about developing a clear and well thought out plan for the next twelve months.

Together is also seeking meaningful consultation as part of any consideration of departments and agencies considering the introduction of employer mandates for staff to be vaccinated.  Members and delegates are concerned about the lack of communication about steps are being considered.

The claim for meaningful consultation on employer mandates



Responses from the employer

Following the Together to departments on 13 December on the employers commitment to consultation, the Together has commitments to regular meetings from:

Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy

Department Justice and Attorney-General (including the Public Trust Office and other portfolio areas)

Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs

Together has also received the following response from departments and we will be seeking meetings with them in 2022:

Consultation throughout 2022

The decision to mandate or not mandate vaccination of staff is only one of the decisions our employers will have to consider in 2022 in response to the pandemic, Together is seeking regular and meaningful consultation, consistent with the employers obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety legislation, about the challenges we face during the impending surge.  This requirements for workers having a voice in the safety of our workplaces will continue after the initial decision on mandating.

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