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Our strategy for 2022


A roadmap for 2022

Queenslanders has successfully used a roadmap for to prepare for opening up our community and community underwing 2021.  Together is urging the government to develop a roadmap for the Queensland public service and our workplaces in response to the pandemic and the surge in COVID cases in 2022 before it’s too late.


A worker voice as we prepare for the unknown

While we don’t know exact how the pandemic will impact the Queensland community we have the opportunity consider and prepare for what might happen.  Workers should have the opportunity to be heard on what responses might be needed before they are needed or implemented.


A consistent approach across the public service

Together is campaigning for a consistent approach to how government departments and agencies respond to the impact of the pandemic in 2022.  We need similar measures applied at similar times across agencies that share workplaces and engage with the same communities across Queensland.


Keeping workplaces safe in 2022

While the focus in many workplaces has been the discussion about mandating all employees being vaccinated as a requirement of employment, Together knows that vaccinations will reduce the impact of the pandemic vaccinations will not eliminate it from our workplaces, our homes or our communities,  The Safer Together campaign is seeking to achieve meaningful and timely consultation of all decisions relating to the workplace and health safety related to the pandemic.

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