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Mandatory Vaccines in the Office of Industrial Relations

As COVID-19 cases rise, public sector agencies are considering whether to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory as part of the workplace health and safety response.

Vaccinations mandates are only one part of the response.

Workers in the Office of Industrial Relations need to be heard on a range of choices and options for keeping our workplaces, families and communities safe in 2022. We know that when workers have a say, we create better outcomes for our workplaces.

I provided a briefing regarding the suite of workplace health and safety strategies that Together members are seeking to make sure public sector workplaces are as safe as possible. You can watch the briefing back here.

Members who attended the briefing supported running specific ballots for members to decide the union position for each agency.

Every member in the Office of Industrial Relations will get the opportunity to have your voice heard and vote in the mandatory vaccination ballot. You can vote in the ballot here.

The ballot will be open until 12pm 28 January to ensure that every member gets their vote. It’s important you have a say in the ballot.

Your collective voice will be important when union members engage with the Office of Industrial Relations over the responses to the upcoming COVID-19 spike.