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Police announce policy on provision of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for staff

The Queensland Police Service has obtained a limited stock of RATs for use by employees to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 across its workforce. Currently, provision is constrained by the existing stock held by the Queensland Police Service and the current extremely limited ability to source supply. This information is likely to change as stock levels fluctuate.

Following consultation with all unions Queensland Police Service has announced that, subject to availability, RA Tests may be approved used in the following circumstances:

  • In accordance with the Directions of the Chief Health Officer the member is a close contact of a diagnosed person (within the home or accommodation) and requires a negative test prior to returning to work (the employee should show that in the absence of undertaking a negative test due to a lack of availability they made a reasonable effort to obtain such test);
  • An event or incident involving a member has occurred which a Commander, District Officer or Director deems reasonable. E.g. The member has had close or physical contact with a diagnosed member of the public in the execution of their duty (deliberate infection, physical altercation);
  • The member has worked with a diagnosed member in the workplace in close confines and where movement is restricted (Vehicle/cockpit) for a period of four hours or more. Where a PCR test is not timely or operationally effective and with the approval of a Commander, District Officer or Director.

 To prevent the waste of a RA test, Queensland Health have recommended waiting 48 hours from initial contact before undertaking the test.