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Together opposes inappropriate suspension without pay following the introduction of vaccination mandates

Your union is standing up for members' rights for a fair process and timely implementation of any vaccination mandates.

We know that many employers have introduced, or are considering introducing, vaccination mandates. In addition to insisting on consultation before any decision is made, Together members need an opportunity to seek exemptions and have time to make those applications prior to the introduction of mandates.

As part of that process, we will continue to enforce individual members' rights through both the exemption and disciplinary processes of mandatory vaccinations.

We are currently challenging a number of decisions by government agencies to suspend staff without pay for failing to follow a vaccination direction. Recently an application to stay a decision to suspend a member in Police was refused. While the Commission found the member had arguable  prospects on appeal, there was no initial financial detriment as the member could take recreation leave and, if the appeal was successful, the employer would be in a position to remediate any loss of pay for the relevant period. A copy of the decision can be found here.

It is clear that employees who refuse vaccination directions can expect to be disciplined and face suspension without pay while that occurs. One of the appeals being run on a suspension without pay decision is being heard on Friday 7 January and further updates will be provided.