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CCF discussion on claim

On Tuesday 7th December, Together representatives attended the Central Consultative Forum for public sector workers covered by the Core agreement, to propose a fair, consistent and well-organised approach to vaccination mandates across the public sector.

Branch Secretary Alex Scott addressed key figures from Government about Together's view of the current circumstances in the public sector, and the challenges ahead in 2022.

With some CHO mandates in place, and the potential for others to come, it's vital for all public sector employers to be planning their approach to vaccination requirements, to avoid a rushed and haphazard implementation.

The implementation of the most recent CHO mandate in Schools and Corrections has shown how badly things can go wrong when employers have to scramble to ensure their workforce is vaccinated.

Together representatives cautioned Departments against hesitating to make decisions about vaccination requirements because of a vocal minority who are vehemently opposed, and advocated for employers to ask staff to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status, to aid in assessing vaccination rates in the workforce.

Finally, Together representatives proposed a consultation timeframe for public sector employers not covered by a CHO vaccination mandate, and committed to write to Directors-General with further details.

You can view Together's proposed consultation timeframe here.

To stand with your colleagues demanding timely and meaningful consultation on vaccination mandates, join your union today.