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Together opposes unreasonable consultation timeframes proposed by Queensland Racing Integrity Commission

On Monday 20th December, staff at the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission received an email seeking feedback on a proposed COVID-19 Vaccination Direction Policy by COB Thursday 23rd December.

This proposed policy was also provided to Together, and members immediately notified QRIC management that a consultation timeframe of only 3 days was unacceptable as it does not allow sufficient time for genuine consultation, and that the matter was in dispute.

This means that Together members will seek the assistance of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to resolve this disagreement with QRIC. Until then, the status quo should remain - that is, no changes should be made to the current policy on employee vaccination until genuine consultation can occur.

Together is seeking for QRIC to apply the implementation timeframe endorsed by members for public sector workplaces not covered by a CHO mandate:

vaccine mandate timeframe

Together members will be kept updated on any further developments as they occur. You can read more about Together's proposed consultation timeframe here.

The actions of the QRIC are concerning, as they are not consistent with the discussions that Together has held with the Public Service Commission and the Office of Industrial Relations on behalf of the Queensland Government.

Employer vaccine mandates have significant potential impacts on employees, including possible transfer and/or termination of employment. It's vital that employers meaningfully consult with employees about why they feel a mandate is necessary, and how implementation will occur.

The situation at QRIC highlights the importance of a well-organised, consistent approach to employer vaccine mandates across the public sector. This will only occur if workers have a real voice in the process. Join your union today and stand together with members across the state.