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Update on meeting between Together representatives and central government agencies on Friday 17 December

On Friday 17 December, Together representatives met with the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Office of Industrial Relations (OIR) to discuss the implementation of vaccine mandates across the public sector.

Together representatives emphasised the importance of a fair, consistent, and well-organised rollout of any further vaccine mandates in the public sector, and the fact that genuine consultation with workers is essential to achieving this.

The proposed implementation timeframe endorsed by Together members for workers who are not covered by a CHO mandate was also discussed.

The PSC and OIR provided a draft framework for COVID-19 vaccination in the workplace, along with a draft template for employer policies. Together committed to provide feedback on these documents.

The PSC also raised the issue of how the response to the pandemic would be handled in buildings where there was shared occupancy with several government departments.  The discussion was how multiple agencies could manage a consistent approach and the approach to 1 William Street was raised as one that might need an consultative process in light of the risks specific to that building.

Together members will be kept updated on any further developments. Join here to make sure your voice is heard as we plan for safe and fair workplaces in 2022.