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WATCH: Member briefing on Safer Together campaign

Together Branch Secretary Alex Scott speaks to public sector members about what real, meaningful consultation on vaccine policy looks like, and how union members can work together to create safer workplaces in 2022.

This briefing was addressed to workers who have not yet been affected by the CHO's health directions mandating employee vaccination.


In this Zoom briefing, Together Branch Secretary, Alex Scott discusses the following matters:

  • 01:46 COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
  • 04:02 COVID Vaccination – Health Directives and Employer determined directives
  • 09:20 Employer Directions
  • 11:57 Where to next
  • 13:45 What is the alternative – poor decisions, rushed consultation, rights compromised
  • 16:48 A consistent approach across the public service
  • 20:40 Vaccination Status
  • 21:24 Consultation on Mandates
  • 23:11 Together member survey
  • 24:23 Timeframes
  • 26:38 Supporting Individuals
  • 27:51 Together Campaign – Safer Together

View Together's full strategy and proposed consultation timeframe for employers who are not covered by a CHO vaccine mandate.

Together holds regular video briefings for members across the public sector, on the COVID-19 response, and other important issues in your working life. Join your union today to stay informed, and be part of our campaign for safer workplaces in 2022.